Dan Frank (left) and Brad Hinton were elected to the Maricopa Flood Control District Board. Submitted photos

There will be two new faces joining the Maricopa Flood Control District Board this month.

According to results released by District Manager David Alley, the winners in the Oct. 7 election were Dan Frank and Brad Hinton.

Unofficial Results
Voting 175
Dan Frank 130
Brad Hinton 102
Bruce Neely 74

“I’m excited,” Hinton said.

He and Frank are set to join Owen Kelly on the board at the Oct. 27 meeting.

“The first thing to do is to address the concern with the Santa Rosa levy that has been identified and being looked into right now,” Hinton said. “Then understand how it’s been operating and go from there.”

All registered voters who own property within the district boundaries, which lies across Maricopa, were eligible to vote. Alley said 175 people voted.

According to the unofficial results, Frank was the top draw with 130 votes. Hinton took the second available seat with 102. Incumbent and current board President Bruce Neely had 74 votes.

Alley said the total doesn’t tally with the number of voters “ because voters could choose two candidates. Some only voted for one.”

Frank is a former Maricopa City Council member and chaired the 2040 Vision Steering Committee. Hinton formerly worked for the City of Maricopa and now works for El Dorado Holdings. Both had support from within City Hall.



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