Be prepared for a relatively cold week in Maricopa. Photo by Adam Wolfe

Temperatures are expected to continually drop after a cool weekend, and early week rain could cause hazardous driving conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, Monday has a 30 percent chance of rain throughout the day. The high temperature is expected to be 57 degrees, but wind gusts up to 20 mph will likely make it feel colder. The strong winds are expected to continue into the night, and the overnight low should drop passed the freezing threshold of 32 degrees.

The sitting rain water could create icy driving conditions throughout the night. The hazardous conditions are expected to linger through Tuesday morning.

“Widespread freezing temperatures are possible for the southwest and south central Arizona desert from Tuesday through Thursday mornings,” the NWS released in a statement. “A deep and cold low pressure system will bring showers to much of southwest and south central Arizona today. The storm will then leave behind a very dry and cold air mass.”

Tuesday is expected to be sunny day, but temperatures are expected to stay unseasonably low at 55 degrees. The wind should calm down to 5 mph, but the overnight low is expected to drop to a season low 25 degrees.

“There is a potential for widespread freezing temperatures for the greater Phoenix metropolitan area with the coldest morning lows likely to occur Wednesday morning,” the NWS warned. “Things to consider during cold episodes are covering sensitive plants, protecting pipes and irrigation systems and providing a warm place for pets.”

Wednesday is projected to be nearly identical to Tuesday. The high temperature should reach up to 55 degrees, and the overnight low should drop to 27 degrees. The wind should remain calm near 5 mph, but any sitting water on roadways or around properties will freeze.

Thursday is projected to see a slight increase in temperature to 57 degrees. The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies, but no moisture is expected. The wind should remain calm near 5 mph, and the overnight low should drop to 30 degrees.

The temperatures are expected to climb back into the 60s over the weekend, but more information will be available as the work week comes to a close.


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