From our Editorial Director: Today, we at InMaricopa are thankful . . .  for you

"The First Thanksgiving" (1915), by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris (American painter, 1863-1930)

Dear readers,

Unbelievably, the holiday season is upon us. As we attempt to keep our blood-gravy levels within the legal limit on this wonderful day of Thanksgiving, we know right behind it we’ll be counting down the shopping days until Christmas.

Lee Shappell is InMaricopa’s new editorial director.

Before we do that, we celebrate something meaningful today. I am writing to tell you how thankful we at InMaricopa are . . . for you. We are passionate about this diverse, fascinating and sometimes crazy place we call home. It is you within this whirling blender who make Maricopa interesting, who live the stories we share and celebrate. It is for you and because of you our company, services and jobs exist.

We are in our 18th year bringing you hyper-local news and information. We always have made Maricopa news accessible to you at no charge, and we always will. It is because of your support of our advertisers we are able to do so.

InMaricopa advertisers effectively pick up the tab for our costs incurred while reporting, writing, editing, designing, printing, online posting and mailing our products, whether it is InMaricopa in print,, or our specialty publications Maricopa Health Guide and New Resident Guide.

It is a dynamic that allows us to fulfill our mission to inform our readers and support our advertisers. We cannot do one without the other, and you are vital to both: Advertisers support us because you support them.

We, in our industry, also are thankful our Constitution’s First Amendment allows us to bring you news without suppression or censorship as we hold our institutions accountable. This is among our most-precious rights.

We value you – even if you disagree with us. In fact, there is value in disagreement and sharing differing ideas, as long as the discourse is civil.

On behalf of my colleagues at InMaricopa, thank you. Thank you for your readership. And thank you for your support of our advertisers. It is critical and much appreciated.

May you and your family enjoy a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,

Lee Shappell

Editorial Director