The Shaw children (from left) LeAnne, Dylan, Hailey and Ethen

Friends of the Masterson family, who lost four children in a fire this week, have started a fund-drive at to help pay for the expense of returning the remains to Arizona.

Ethen Alexander Shaw, born April 28, 2000, LeAnne Elizabeth Shaw, born Jan. 22, 2002, Hailey Faith Shaw, born Feb. 3, 2005, and Dylan Joseph Shaw, born Feb. 26, 2006, died along with their father Timothy Shaw and stepmother Melissa Shaw on Nov. 21 at their home in Ogle County, Illinois.

The children’s mother and stepfather, Veronica and Corey Masterson, live in Maricopa with their three children, Riley, 7, Addison, 6, and Michael, 1.

Ethen, LeAnne, Hailey and Dylan are preceded by their brother Aaron William Masterson, who passed away in 2013 of sudden infant death syndrome at the age of 4 months.

Along with their mother, stepfather and siblings, they are survived by maternal grandparents in Maricopa, paternal grandparents in Illinois, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends.

RIP my sweet babies.
Death has parted us, my loves,
Something no mortal could do.
And we are left behind now,
Feeling oh so lost and blue.
No more will I rise each morning,
To see your dear, sweet faces,
To hear you say good morning Momma,
And hold me in your embraces.
We’ve kissed our final good night,
And we’ve said our last goodbyes.
And now there’s nothing for me to do
But remember you, my loves, and cry.

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