General Election Candidates: Who do you pick?

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The General Election is Nov. 6. The following are candidates for office that affect Maricopa. In purple are candidates you will see at Saturday’s Town Hall in Maricopa. Learn more at

Ready to vote?
Last day to register to vote: Oct. 9
Early ballots mailed: Oct. 10
Early in-person voting at three Recorder’s Office locations begins: Oct. 10

U.S. Senate
Democrat Kyrsten Sinema
Green Angela Green
Republican Martha McSally
Write-ins: Sheila Bilyeu (Democrat), Michael DeCarlo (independent), Robert Kay (Republican), Jonathan Ringham (other), Benjamin Wirtz (Republican)

Kyrsten Sinema (left) and Martha McSally

U.S. Congressional District 1
Democrat Tom O’Halleran*
Republican Wendy Rogers
Write-in: David Shock (independent)

Tom O’Halleran (left) and Wendy Rogers

Democrat David Garcia
Green Angel Torres
Republican Doug Ducey*
Write-ins: Arthur Ray Arvizu (other), James “Marvelman” Gibson II (other), Christian Komor (independent), Patrick Masoya (independent)

David Garcia (left) and Doug Ducey

Secretary of State
Democrat Katie Hobbs
Republican Steve Gaynor

Katie Hobbs (left) and Steve Gaynor

Attorney General
Democrat January Contreras
Republican Mark Brnovich*

January Contreras (left) and Mark Brnovich

State Treasurer
Democrat Mark Manoil
Republican Kimberly Yee

Mark Manoil (left) and Kimberly Yee

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Democrat Kathy Hobbs
Republican Frank Riggs
Write-in: Matthew Harris (Democrat)

Kathy Hobbs (left) and Frank Riggs

Mine Inspector
Democrat William “Bill” Pierce
Republican Joe Hart*

Bill Pierce (left) and Joe Hart

Corporation Commission (vote for 2)
Democrat Sandra Kennedy
Democrat Kiana Maria Sears
Republican Rodney Glassman
Republican Justin Olson*
Write-in: Neil DeSanti (Republican)

Sandra Kennedy (from left), Kiana Sears, Rodney Glassman and Justin Olson

State Senate District 11
Democrat Ralph Atchue
Green Mohammad Arif
Republican Venden “Vince” Leach

Ralph Atchue (left) and Vince Leach

State House District 11 (vote for 2)
Democrat Hollace Lyon
Democrat Marcela Quiroz
Republican Mark Finchem*
Republican Bret Roberts

Hollace Lyon (from left), Marcela Quiroz, Mark Finchem and Bret Roberts

Clerk of Pinal County Superior Court
Republican Amanda Stanford*

Maricopa/Stanfield Justice of the Peace
Republican Lyle Riggs*

Maricopa/Stanfield Constable
Democrat Andre LaFond
Republican Glenn Morrison

Andre LaFond (left) and Glenn Morrison


This item appears in the October issue of InMaricopa. Photos of Attorney General candidates have been corrected from the printed version. We apologize for the error.


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