Ben Meidl

Ben Meidl is the golf pro at Ak-Chin Southern Dunes.

Hometown: Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
Resides in: Chandler
Work in Maricopa since: 2014
Occupation: Golf professional
Family: Dad, Mom, sister all in Minnesota
Hobbies: Old video games, Netflix
Like most about Maricopa: Great people I’ve met at the golf course
Like least about Maricopa: 35-minute drive to get here

Favorite …
Book: Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent
Movie: Gotta be Caddyshack, doesn’t it?
Actor: Jim Carrey
Song: White and Nerdy, Weird Al
Musician: Weird Al
Team: Wild, Twins
Athlete: Tiger, but quickly becoming Byron Buxton
Food: Burgers
Drink: Pepsi
Meal: Pizza
Restaurant: Most of them
Quote: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” – Arnold Palmer
Anything else we should know? I enjoy teaching golf to beginner and intermediate adults, and trying to make the game fun and attractive for kids. If you want to learn a sport that you can enjoy for a number of reasons (outdoors, challenging, social, competition) and play for a lifetime, let me know!


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