Ehreema J. Nadir, MD

Dr. Ehreema J. Nadir, already established in Gilbert, opened a medical office in Maricopa in 2016.

Hometown: Pakistan
Resides in: Gilbert
Maricopan since: 2016
Occupation: Primary Care Physician
Family: Spouse and 4 kids
Pets: none
Cars: Porshe Cayenne
Hobbies: Travel
Pet peeve: No Show appointments
Dream vacation: Alaskan Cruise
Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel, friendly neighbors
Like least about Maricopa: SR 347 of course!

Favorite …
Getaway: Anywhere away from the hospital
Quote: work, work and more work!
Joke: Did you hear the one about the germ? Nevermind, I dont want to spread it around!

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