Enrique Esteves and family

Enrique Esteves is the owner of The UPS Store in Maricopa and loves soccer.

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Resides in: Scottsdale
In business in Maricopa since: 2013
Occupation: Owner for The UPS Store
Family: Wife Marly, daughter Marly Jr. (11) and son Enrique Jr. (9)
Pets: Mawi and Ronnie. They were both adopted.
Cars: BMW X5M
Hobbies: Soccer. I don’t play it anymore, but my son Enrique does and I enjoy watching him play and practice.
Pet peeve: Rude drivers
Dream vacation: Dubai
Like most about Maricopa: The people.
Like least about Maricopa: The heat!

Favorite …
Book: “Pet Sematary” 🙂
Movie: Contact (with Jodie Foster)
Actor: George Clooney
Song: Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
Musician: Phil Collins
Team: Real Madrid
Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
Food: Mexican!
Drink: Ay easy-drink IPA
Meal: Enchiladas
Restaurant: Sumo Maya
Getaway: Paris
Website: https://maricopa-az-5140.theupsstorelocal.com
Quote: “Be the hardest working person in the room”
Words to live by: You are what you eat
Anything else we should know? Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


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