Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is a brand-new resident, coming from Colorado to manage a local bank.


Hometown: Dixon, Illinois

Resides in: Rancho El Dorado

Maricopan since: June 26, 2019

Occupation: Bank Manager

Family: 2 grown sons and a new granddaughter

Pets: Cutest dog in the world

Hobbies: Walking with my dog, spontaneous drives

Dream vacation: Iceland

Like most about Maricopa: Leadership is forward-thinking

Like least about Maricopa: Hearing about the Rancho El Dorado pond sicknesses killing off fish and ducks


Favorite …

Charity: ASPCA – the abused dog commercials make me cry

Getaway: Durango, Colorado

Anything else we should know? I transferred with Great Western Bank from Colorado to Arizona in April and feel I made a great choice in choosing Maricopa. I’m from northern Illinois farm country and wanted to be surrounded by cows and open land. I enjoy seeing people I know in the grocery store and having a chat. Small town feel with easy access to most needed amenities. Love my new house!


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