Michael Chance

Michael Chance has lived in Maricopa all his life and has been in the glass-repair business for 28 years.

Hometown: Maricopa
Maricopan since: 1963
Occupation: Auto glass repair and replacement
Family: My daughter, my mom and my three sisters.
Pets: None
Hobbies: Watching sports, politics, being on the farm
Dream vacation: I’m a history buff, so spending enough time to go through all the history back east where all the history of our country began.
Like most about Maricopa: The community has a lot more unity than most communities do of its size.
Like least about Maricopa: There is not enough retail on the east side of town.

Favorite …
Movie: Gladiator
Actor: Tom Hanks
Musician: The Beatles
Team: The Arizona State Sun Devils
Athlete: Kurt Warner
Food: Mexican Food
Meal: Thanksgiving dinner
Restaurant: Headquarters
Getaway: Mogollon Rim
Website: www.impactwindshield.com
Anything else we should know? I began Impact Windshield in Maricopa in 1996. I’m in my 28th year in the glass business. My first six years were spent in a large glass shop in Phoenix. My tagline is “Focused on Quality” and I apply that in every job that I do.


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