Roger Enrico

Roger Enrico is a musician who recently moved to Maricopa.

Hometown: Phoenix
Maricopan since: 2018
Occupation: Professional entertainer
Family: Single
Pets: None
Cars: 2009 Buick
Hobbies: Poetry
Pet peeve: Insincere people
Dream vacation: Any beach
Like most about Maricopa: It’s quiet
Like least about Maricopa: I like it all

Favorite …
Charity: Musician’s retirement fund
Book: “The Outsider” by SE Hinton
Movie: Black Panther
Actor: Jack Nicholson
Song: Time
Musician: Pink Floyd
Team: Diamondbacks
Athlete: The Rock
Food: Italian
Drink: Scotch
Meal: Calamari
Restaurant: Pane e Vino
Getaway: San Diego
Quote: Get busy Living or Get Busy Dying
Words to live by: Love
Joke: How many drummers does it take ?
Anything else we should know? Just smile. It’s gonna be OK.

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