Getting to know Scott Bartle

Scott Bartle hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park last month.

Scott Bartle has been the publisher of InMaricopa since 2004, when he founded the company.

Hometown: Wanamaker, Indiana

Maricopan: 2004-2016

Occupation: Publisher, InMaricopa

Family: Wife, 2 stepsons, mom, dad, brother, sister, 5 nieces, 3 godchildren

Pets: Indy, a 12-year-old lab/shepherd mix, and stepdog Dixie, a white schnauzer

Car: Lexus

Hobbies: Chasing toddlers, traveling, hiking, golf, physical therapy

Pet peeves: Distracted driving, Round 1 NCAA Tournament losses, ear hair

Like most about Maricopa: Knowing everyone

Like least about Maricopa: Everyone knowing you


Favorite …

Movie: Top Gun

Celebrity: Justin Timberlake

Musician/Band: Straight No Chaser

Concert: Whodini

Team: Indiana Hoosiers

Nonprofit: Hospice

Meal: Filet, asparagus, baked or sweet potato, red wine

Drink: Chocolate milk

Restaurant: See

Vacation spot: Bloomington, Indiana

Website:, followed by

Words to live by: Do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself.

Joke: Three men walked into a bar. The fourth one ducked.