Scott Bartle hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park last month.

Scott Bartle has been the publisher of InMaricopa since 2004, when he founded the company.

Hometown: Wanamaker, Indiana

Maricopan: 2004-2016

Occupation: Publisher, InMaricopa

Family: Wife, 2 stepsons, mom, dad, brother, sister, 5 nieces, 3 godchildren

Pets: Indy, a 12-year-old lab/shepherd mix, and stepdog Dixie, a white schnauzer

Car: Lexus

Hobbies: Chasing toddlers, traveling, hiking, golf, physical therapy

Pet peeves: Distracted driving, Round 1 NCAA Tournament losses, ear hair

Like most about Maricopa: Knowing everyone

Like least about Maricopa: Everyone knowing you


Favorite …

Movie: Top Gun

Celebrity: Justin Timberlake

Musician/Band: Straight No Chaser

Concert: Whodini

Team: Indiana Hoosiers

Nonprofit: Hospice

Meal: Filet, asparagus, baked or sweet potato, red wine

Drink: Chocolate milk

Restaurant: See

Vacation spot: Bloomington, Indiana

Website:, followed by

Words to live by: Do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself.

Joke: Three men walked into a bar. The fourth one ducked.


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