Tangeca Wells and kids

Tangeca Wells is a certified family nurse practitioner who moved to Maricopa a year ago from Flagstaff. (Meet more of your Maricopa neighbors in our Getting to Know section.)

Hometown: Elizabeth, Kentucky
Maricopan since: 2018
Occupation: Family nurse practitioner
Family: Nine children/10 grandchildren
Pets: Two dogs
Cars: Buick Encore/Chrysler 300s
Hobbies: Baking, reading, exercising, interior design, fashion, doing hair
Pet peeve: Dishonesty, not keeping your word
Dream vacation: Paris, France/Italy/Africa
Like most about Maricopa: Community, cleanliness, family friendly
Like least about Maricopa: Smell

Favorite …
Charity: Heart foundation/Cancer Society/autism
Book: “SOAR” by Bishop T.D Jakes
Movies: Gladiator, Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Actors: Jason Statham, Russell Crowe, Tyler Perry
Song: “The God in Me!” by Mary Mary
Musicians: Mary Mary, William McDowell
Teams: Boston Red Sox, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Diamondbacks
Athlete: Ketal Marte
Food: Seafood/Salad/French Fries
Drink: Cherry Coke Zero/Water
Meal: Eggplant
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Getaway: Daytona Beach, Florida
Website: SunshineFHC.com
Quote: Serenity prayer
Words to live by: Treat others like you want to be treated


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