Yolanda Rodriguez

Yolanda Rodriguez is a naturopath who loves her animals and practices holistic medicine in Maricopa.

Hometown: Queen Creek
Maricopan since: 2013
Occupation: Naturopathic Physician
Pets: 2 Horses – Showdown and SweetPea, 3 Dogs – SodaPup, Taco, Belle, 1 Cat – Diego, 3 hummingbirds
Cars: A 4 wheel truck, a sports car and a PRIUS!
Hobbies: Making herbal and aromatherapeutic medicine, salves, capsules, and teas.
Dream vacation: Visiting all the five major battle sites my father fought in in WWII including Normandy beach
Like most about Maricopa: The surrounding areas to ride my horses

Favorite …
Book: “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
Getaway: El Younque Rainforest in Puerto Rico
Website: www.mynaturaldoc.com
Quote: “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly” – Sam Keen in the book “To Be Loved”
Joke: How do you catch a unique rabbit? You “neek” up on him!
Anything else we should know? I provide a concierge medical experience at an affordable price. Bringing high quality, effective, efficient healthcare options to Maricopa. Introducing and supporting the use of Integrative/Holistic medicine such as acupuncture, IV therapies, B12 injections, herbal medicine, homeopathic and pharmacology in safe and effective combinations. Growing up in a small town, educated by the best in the nation, and using my experience as a Marine, I work with people and communities to be their healthiest – mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Meet more of your neighbors at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/


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