(Pinal County)


There is still no word on how many Maricopa voters received wrong early ballots.

A statement from Pinal County Recorder Virginia Ross’s office said “a small number of ballots” were affected. Early ballots for the primary election went out July 8, and at least a handful of Maricopa voters received ballots without the city council or mayoral races.

Sophia Solis, spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s Office, said the issue appears to involve complex GIS mapping.

“There are many different layers involved,” Solis said.

“We are working closely with the Secretary of State’s office and other agencies to pinpoint the exact cause, which left some voters with incorrect ballot styles,” Ross stated.

The Maricopa City Clerk’s Office had no comment on the matter.

The recorder is encouraging all voters to review their ballots. If the city elections do not appear, the county can supply a replacement ballot.

Call the County Recorder’s Office at 520-866-6854 if you think you received the wrong ballot or have other concerns