The Golf Cart Cavalcade in Province benefited the local food bank. Submitted

This year the Province subdivision celebrated its second annual Golf Cart Parade and Food Drive on Sunday Dec. 4, to help F.O.R. Maricopa food bank gear up for the holidays.

On the first Sunday of December a cavalcade of 24 golf carts, some decorated and some not, rambled up and down the luminaria-lined Darter Drive collecting items for the food bank.

Residents served hot food and drinks out of their garages to neighbors and participants.

Dave Bock started this parade last year not just as a way to help the needy but as a way to bring his community together.

“The object of the golf cart parade is to, one, have fun, and, two, collect just as much food as you can for the food bank,” Bock said. “Last year we collected 1,710 pounds. This year we collected 2,309 pounds of food.”

That was in spite of having half a dozen fewer carts this year.

The winner was Dennis McCormac. Photo by Donna McGregor
The winner was Dennis McCormac. Photo by Donna McGregor

Later that night a truck showed up from the food bank and was loaded down with the goodies. Six volunteers from the neighborhood then went with the truck to the food bank to help unload.

“It was a real challenge to get all that picked up. Some carts made three or four trips,” Bock said.