Governing board will consider guidelines for teacher reduction

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The Maricopa Unified School District’s governing board will hold a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday at the district office administration building at 6 p.m.

In addition to approving donations, expense vouchers and travel, the board will review board operating protocol, including board and superintendent communications and each party’s expectations of same, meetings, preparation for meetings and after-meeting agreements, as well as site visits and emergency information arrangements.

Policy BEDB-Agenda will have a first reading, which includes the order of regular, special and emergency meetings, as well as executive sessions.

Superintendent Jeff Kleck will receive direction in regard to reducing the regular meeting schedule to one meeting per month.

A reduction in force determination form for professional staff will be presented for the governing board’s review. The form can potentially be used to rank teachers should layoffs become necessary after next year’s budget is analyzed.

The form itself is based on a points system in the following areas: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, professional responsibilities and additional information pertaining to a teacher’s certification, teaching experience and degree(s) held. Teacher contracts are presently scheduled to be offered on May 11.

MUSD is seeking employee insurance vendors for medical, dental, prescription, vision, life and employee assistance programs for 2011-2012. A request for proposal for these services would be on a five-year maximum contract basis with vendor and governing board approval for renewals after the first year of service.

A strategic planning session for the district is scheduled in conjunction with the regularly scheduled Feb. 23 board meeting.

For the complete Wednesday meeting agenda, click here.

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