GTK: Chris Spear

Christopher Spear, owner/chef of Roots Eatery. [Bryan Mordt]

Name: Chris Spear

Hometown: Commack, NY

Reside in: Maricopa, AZ

Maricopan since: 2015

Occupation: Chef/Owner

Family: Blended Family

Pets: Rex and Roo (golden doodles)

Cars: F-150

Hobbies: ATVs, shooting, boating

Pet peeve: leaving doors open

Dream vacation: Italy

Like most about Maricopa: small town feel

Like least about Maricopa: 347

Favorite …

Food: Chinese

Drink: Coffee

Meal: Whole Roasted Chicken

Restaurant: Restaurant Daniel NYC


Quote: always work harder than the person beneath you

Words to live by: if your going to do it do it right!

Joke: what has no body and no nose……. nobody knows

Anything else we should know?

Chris is the proud owner of Roots Eatery, Cooking From Roots, and the Culinary Mafia.