GTK: Mark Ybarra


Name: Mark Ybarra
Hometown: Winslow, Ariz.
Reside in: Stanfield (soon to be annexed by Maricopa)
Maricopan since: 1994
Occupation: Small business owner
Family: Married since 1994; 3 kids, 4 grandbabies and 1 on the way
Pets: 3 horses, 10 chickens and 6 cows
Cars: A Ford man
Hobbies: Watch my kids and grandkids, hunt and fish, spend a lot of Sundays horseback
Pet peeve: The (corny) phrase “back in the day”
Dream vacation: Spent 10 glorious days in Costa Rica with my wife
Like most about Maricopa: Its roots; small, rural community blossoming into a modern city
Like least about Maricopa: The one-way in and out to and from the Valley

Favorite …

Charity: Numerous charities we support, donating the complete AC systems; we just completed our 25th home in 2021, partnered with the Southwest Lutheran Coalition is something we are very proud of.
Book: Anything motivational
Movie: Other Guys
Actor: Will Farrell
Song: Mostly country music, old and new
Musician: Jason Aldean
Team: Cardinals, Suns
Athlete: Chris Paul because he seems like a classy dude
Food: Tacos and pizza
Drink: Anything zero sugar
Meal: Steak salad
Restaurant: Outback or Texas Roadhouse
Getaway: Hunting or fishing
Quote: “Inspect what you expect.”
Words to live by: Believe it, and you can achieve it.
Joke: My youngest son used to tell people this joke when he was 10: What did the fish say
to the wall as he swam by? Dam.

Anything else we should know?
Married to Mary Ybarra since 1994. She has been a RN since 1998. I am very proud of her and her own accomplishments. She did Labor and Delivery at Chandler Hospital for 20 Years and is now a case manager for a company that specializes in kidney health. Some of work she does from home inspires me because of how passionate she is when advocating for her patients.

My daughter and son-in-law plus two grandsons, Luke and Landon, live in Maricopa on The Lakes. My oldest son lives in Casa Grande and is one of my AC technicians, and my youngest son is 18 and thankfully still lives at home. MJ, or Jr as I call him, loves to team rope.