West Chimayo Drive Glennwilde
West Chimayo Drive in the Hickory division of Glennwilde.

Gunfire erupted on a Glennwilde street on Sunday afternoon, according to a resident of the neighborhood.

Cars were speeding around the Hickory division of the neighborhood about 2:30 p.m., according to the resident, who asked to speak anonymously due to concern for their safety.

A couple of minutes later, six gunshots rang out on the street in front of a home at the western end of West Chimayo Drive near Honeycutt Road, said the resident, whose surveillance cameras picked up sound of the gunfire.

It is unknown if any injuries were reported in the incident, described by some on social media as a drive-by shooting.

A Maricopa police spokesman confirmed Monday they are investigating the incident but did not release additional information.

Prior to the gunfire, a silver van occupied by a number of young people and a sedan drove very fast through the neighborhood, said the resident, who expressed concern about safety in the community.

“The neighbors are scared and frustrated. There are tons of young kids here that are always out and about and for that to occur anywhere is frightening. But for it to be in your small, quiet neighborhood is even worse.”

The resident said a group of young men live in the home where the shooting occurred but had been mostly quiet.

On Facebook, a number of Glennwilde residents posted to say they were surprised there wasn’t more information about the incident.

“Wow! How scary,” one woman posted, ending with a sad face emoji.

One woman asked another: “Whered you hear about it? I’m in Glennwilde n would like to know how someone in Oklahoma is hearing before me.”

Another woman posted: “I appreciate that his kind of thing is unheard of in this area … Phoenix has craziness happen every day. Hopefully this won’t become a pattern.”