Gusse: Thanks for attending Legion’s Appreciation Day

Julia Gusse

By Julia Gusse

Our Appreciation Event [Oct. 8, 2016] was aimed at thanking all those who provide so much for our community and while we understand that this is their “jobs,” they manage to pour their heart and soul into their work and we (The Maricopa American Legion Post #133) wanted to show our appreciation in this small manner.

We had about 200 people stop by for our Appreciation Event; firefighters, paramedics, police, political leaders and teachers.  We wanted the best for our event, and Helen’s catering went above and beyond what we had ordered and expected; she brought the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers but also brought pulled pork, three different salads and many delicious desserts and those in attendance were happy with the food choices.

We also featured DJ Markie Mark, a USMC Veteran that kept people entertained and dancing.  At the end of the event, we distributed a late dinner to all the fire houses and the MPD sub-station, reaching our goal of hosting 300 for our first annual appreciation event.  This was all free to the public paid by Post #133 and our sponsors (Global Indemnity, Councilman Henry Wade, Mr. Roy White, Ahwatukee Realty, Benchmark Home Loans, Julia Romero Gusse and Dan Frank).  Without the generous sponsors, this would not have been possible.

We want to thank everyone in attendance and remind the community that we are forever grateful and appreciate our local heroes.

Julia R. Gusse is the American Legion District #4 vice commander and event coordinator