Hear LD 11 candidates make their case for election


Legislative District 11, which includes Maricopa, has all three of its seats up for election this year. We sat down with the three Republican incumbents and the three Democratic challengers, and talked about the issues and answered viewer questions.

First, the GOP

4:23 Candidate backgrounds
6:04 Impact of COVID-19 on campaign season
9:44 COVID-19 impact on the business of the Legislature
12:42 Opinion of response to COVID-19
20:16 Opening schools safely
28:37 Education spending
29:55 Gov. Doug Ducey’s handling of the pandemic
34:36 Lack of testing in Maricopa
36:44 What have you done to earn Maricopans’ voter
43:17 Sanctuary cities
49:26 Lack of flexibility in starter school
57:55 High and low marks for legislators
1:02:00 Viability of proposed income tax increase
1:08:47 Controversial cartoons and race relations
1:22:25 Equal opportunity in Arizona
1:28:00 Recreational marijuana

And then the Democrats

:35 Candidates’ backgrounds
9:19 Defunding police
14:27 State response to COVID-19
21:20 Opening the economy during COVID-19
26:48 Opening schools safely
32:53 Funding education
37:56 Proposed increase in state income tax
39:04 Charter school funding
42:41: U.S. Constitution
47:03: Sanctuary cities
50:41 Recreational marijuana
54:46 State response to Black Lives Matter
1:00:28 “Old” Arizona economy
1:03:50 Regulating groundwater pumping
1:06:42 Transaction privilege tax
1:10:10: Abortion
1:17:25 The difference between the Democratic candidates for state senate
1:21:54 Appealing to right-leaning voters
1:25:23 Self-educating on state issues
1:27:19 Most challenging issue
1:30:31 Why should Maricopans vote for you