Photo by Mason Callejas
An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for the valley of the sun this week, according to a report from the National Weather Service. Temperatures are likely to reach near record levels early in the week while daily highs are predicted to hang well above 110 on through to the weekend.  

Monday looks to be sunny and clear with a blistering high around 119 during the day giving way to a low of 84 at night.  

Tuesday could be the record-setting day as sunny and mostly clear skies kick the predicted high of 121 up within one degree of the record — 122 — before temperatures fall to near 85 at night.  

Wednesday is likely to also be sunny and clear, though a bit windy, as the daily high reaches 120 as winds gust to 20 mph on and off into the night when temperatures recede to 84.  

Thursday, too, is forecast to be sunny, clear and windy with a daily high near 116 as a 20-mph wind continues to blow on and off, cooling things down to a low of 82 at night.  

Friday should see a calming of the winds, though it will still likely be sunny and clear with a high near 113 during the day, dropping to a low around 82 at night  


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