This week begins and ends under a heat advisory as residents are asked to take extra caution when outside, according to the National Weather Service.

Today is sunny and hot, with the high expected to reach 110 degrees F. The NWS heat warning from Sunday continues. The night will be mostly clear with a low of 72 and winds of 5-10 mph gusting as high as 20 mph.

Tuesday, expect another sunny day and a high near 107. The overnight low will be around 70 under mostly clear skies.

Wednesday will look similar, with sunny skies and a high near 106 followed by an nighttime low of 70.

Thursday‘s expected high is 108 with light and variable winds and sunny skies. The night will be mostly clear with a low around 73.

Friday‘s high climbs back to 109 with sun and calm winds. Expect an overnight low of 78.

By Saturday, the high temperature will shoot back to 110, keeping the heat warning in place for all outdoor activities during the coming weekend.

The excessive heat warning indicates an increased potential for heat-related illness, especially for those working outside in the afternoon. Drink more water than usual and avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Wear light-colored clothing and wide-brimmed hat when working outside and take frequent rests. Never leave a child or animal in a vehicle.

Early symptoms of heat illness include headache, thirst and muscle cramps. Serious symptoms include weakness, skin that is cool to the touch, fast but weak pulse, nausea and fainting. Severe symptoms include hot and red, dry skin, fast and strong pulse, sweating that has stopped and unconsciousness. Untreated heat illness can lead to fatal heat stroke.


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