Wade: My pleasure to serve


Fellow citizens of Maricopa, I cannot believe that we are a mere 26 days away from selecting what will essentially be a new City Council. The fact that you have chosen me as your first choose going into the general elections is humbling. The early ballots will soon hit our mailboxes, and I hope that you will once again look to Wade, Henry as your candidate of choice.

I also stop and take a reflective pause on how I got here. My grandmother would be very angry at me if I did not acknowledge your shoulders on which I stand to be here today. 1,568 of you have already placed your confidence and trust in me acknowledging that you believe I will help make a difference in our community and subsequently our collective lives. 

At the sake of not sounding like the typical political operative, I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed at your expressions of congratulations at Fry’s and church, your smiles of acknowledgement that you feel you made a good choice by voting for me and your financial commitments to our (yours and mine) campaign which helps to get our message out there. I am especially pleased at the fantastic and multi-facet coalition of Maricopans we have formed, Independents, Democrats, Republicans and even some Libertarians. It just goes to show you that we all can “get along” when it comes to working together for the common good. 

I realize that the term change has a different emphasis in our society today, just as the word “really,” but for the sake of argument, we must give credence to the idea that change can be good and can work for the betterment of a community. Honestly, if we were to keep doing the same things we have always done, we would keep getting the same results.

Take the Holiday Inn story as an example. It seems to go on and on without an end in sight. On the other hand, we seem to be right on track to joining north and south Maricopa with the 347 overpass project. For the sake of sustainability, the things we did in 2003 and the single minded attitudes required to get our doors open are not the same emotions we need today in 2014. We need collective participation focused on a common goal of community stabilization.

People always ask me if I can work with this candidate or that candidate if elected and my answer is always the same. I will play nice in the sandbox and will share my cookies and milk with anyone that asks respectfully.

However, I will always reserve the right to have an unfiltered voice to put the community first when considering issues that impact our security, economic development and fiscal wellbeing.

One thing I will refuse to do is let ego cause me to be closed minded and arrogant just for the sake of proving a point. We have had just enough of that.

The City of Maricopa was incorporated in 2003 and since that time has had four mayors and numerous city council members. Citizens have come and gone, some who have actively contributed to Maricopa’s growth and development and others who have chosen to sit back and enjoy the small town lifestyle. Whichever category you fall in, Maricopa has ultimately benefited from your presence. 

I will be at your service Maricopa and will make you proud that you selected me as one of the seven people you chose to ensure we continue to have a “Proud History and Prosperous Future.”