Home interior trends may change mid-year



By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

What’s trending in new home interiors for 2020? The year started out with home designs looking very much as they did in 2019, with a gradual move from all-white kitchens and bathrooms to something more subtle.

But expectations of a financial downturn caused by the coronavirus started new conversations among homebuilders about possible changes in those trends.


One of the most expensive items in the kitchen is the countertop. Despite its cost, granite has remained the most popular, according to homebuilders, followed by marble and quartz. However, an economic downturn could see the return of more laminates in the kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances remain beloved, with only black stainless steel making a challenge in popularity as black has made a comeback in home décor. Because stainless steel goes with everything, studies show it can be a bonus when selling your home. White appliances are considered dated but also inexpensive.


A wood-looking floor continues to be the top-seller in 2020. Whites, lights and grays are on-trend for floor color, whether in vinyl or laminate. That holds true in tile, carpet and rugs, as well. However, “Blonde” or honey-colored has also become popular, and dark-stained floors are gaining fans.

While real hardwood is lovely, it is costlier in purchase and maintenance than laminates.


A mix of gray and beige, greige is the color of the moment. Greige is popular in countertops and backsplashes because it pulls together earth tones ranging from white to black to brown in the kitchen. It is popular on bedroom walls because it seems to have a calming effect and brings lightness without the starkness of white.


2020 started with eco-friendly cabinetry being the darling of the industry. It is possible to find cabinet fronts that are non-toxic, recyclable and inexpensive. On-trend paint choices or laminates can keep a classy-looking front, while particleboard may outsell plywood for the box of the cabinet for economic reasons in a shaky market.

Homebuyers may not have the luxury of being trendy in the coming months, if the worst-case scenario plays out, but there are ways to be economical and stylish to make the home a great buy.

Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.

480-251-4231 DayvMorgan@gmail.com

This column appears in the April issue of InMaricopa.