A two-mile stretch of Honeycutt Road will close on March 13 for scheduled repairs to a water main near the Rancho Mirage subdivision, the Maricopa Police Department said.

In a social media post Thursday, the department advised residents the closure will affect traffic on Honeycutt between White and Parker and Hartman roads. Bowlin Road,which had been closed for work, will reopen as a detour route shortly before the planned repairs.

A screenshot that shows the two-mile stretch of Honeycutt Road that will close on March 13 for repairs. Photo courtesy of Maricopa Police Department.

Police Public Information Officer Monica Williams could not confirm how long Honeycutt Road would be closed. She said reopening Bowlin Road would “allow reliable access to the Tortosa communities.”

The road has been closed since Jan. 3 for reconstruction and to relocate a draining channel.

Jon Corwin, vice president and general manager of Global Water Resources, said the water main in the area has been prone to breaks in the past.

“We’ve historically had four or five main breaks in that stretch,” Corwin said. “When we have main breaks in that area, it causes closures and damage to the road that has to be repaired. Our goal is to prevent those from occurring in the future.”

A liner will be installed inside the water main to prevent future service disruptions. Corwin estimated the repair would take approximately three weeks to complete.