How do you value water? Let’s count the ways!

Desert-dwellers like us know water is a precious and valuable resource. Using water wisely can help save us money now and preserve water for the future.

Take this short quiz to see how your conservation practices add up. Give yourself a point for each of the water wise practices you implement.

Indoor water conservation practices:
I turn the water off when I brush my teeth. ______
I use my dishwasher rather than washing dishes in the sink with running water. _____
I check for leaks in my home at least once a year (like testing your toilets for faulty flappers). _____
If I see a leak, I fix it immediately. ____
I track my household water use to make sure I use less than 6,000 gallons every month so I can get the Global Water Conservation Rebate. ____

Outdoor water conservation practices:
I time how long I am watering when using a hose. ____
I use drip irrigation with a smart irrigation timer. ____
I only have grass installed where it is being used regularly by pets and/or family members. ____
I adjust my irrigation timer to water with the season (more often in summer, less often in winter, none when it rains!). ____
I have signed up for automated leak alerts on the Global Water Portal to warn me if a leak is detected in my home. _____

Community water conservation practices:
If I see a leak in a common area (like a park or at my HOA) I tell someone immediately. ____
I talk to my friends, family, and neighbors about water and how to use it wisely. ____
I practice rainwater harvesting to reduce stormwater runoff and reduce my water needs. ____

Which kind of water steward are you?
(1-5 points) Water Saving Novice
Time for you to start saving!

(5-10 points) Water Saving Apprentice
You can save more!

(10-13 points) Water Saving Hero
You’re leading the way!

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This sponsored content was first published in the August edition of InMaricopa magazine.