I need your help on Arizona’s HB2543 prioritizing rural transportation projects


As an Executive Board member of the Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC), I want to discuss the progress of House Bill 2543, which is aimed at prioritizing rural transportation projects in Arizona.

The bill has been gaining support as it moves through the Legislature, having passed the House on an impressive 50-8 vote, and recently cleared the Senate Transportation and Technology Committee on a 5-1 vote. Now, it is scheduled to face its final committee assignment when it goes before the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 4 at 1 p.m.

This bill has been in the works for approximately six months and contains 82 projects requesting $300 million in state General Fund revenue, which covers about 40% of the cost. Local sources are providing the predominant share of the cost, roughly 60%, with $437 million.

It is important to note whether each project is funded in the budget will depend heavily on whether legislators representing those project locations push for their inclusion. Therefore, rural officials and lawmakers are urging the public to continue engaging with their legislators and encourage them to support the projects in the budget process.

As HB 2543 faces its final committee assignment on Tuesday, public officials and lawmakers hope it will continue to receive the level of support that has carried it this far. They all emphasize the need to invest in rural infrastructure for the betterment of rural communities, economies and public safety.

The projects funding directly impacting Maricopa include:
  • Distribution to Casa Grande for $10,724,004 for Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway improvement from Burris Road to Anderson Road.
  • Distribution to Maricopa for $3,208,370 for Green Road improvements from State Route 347 to McDavid Road.
  • Distribution to Maricopa for $3,208,370 for Rancho El Dorado Parkway bridge construction and improvements in the vicinity of Santa Rosa Wash.
  • Distribution to Maricopa for $3,208,370 for Sonoran Desert Parkway improvements from Porter Road to Fuqua Road.
I urge you all to contact Senate Appropriations Committee members and let them know that you support this bill. You can find their contact information below:

Thank you for your help!
Vincent Manfredi

Vincent Manfredi is an owner of InMaricopa and a Maricopa City Council member.