IKEA Suspect in custody
Maricopa Police officers take a suspect into custody in the Senita neighborhood. The two suspects, one adult and one juvenile, were allegedly involved in a robbery and shooting at IKEA in Tempe before fleeing to Maricopa. [Bryan Mordt]

An incident that police say began with a robbery and shooting at IKEA in Tempe ended with two arrests in Senita this afternoon.

Two male suspects, an adult and a juvenile, were arrested around 3 p.m. in the 43000 block of West Wild Horse Trail after being tailed by police from the Gila River Indian Community into the neighborhood.

VIDEO: Officers make arrest

The victim died of his injuries, Fox 10 in Phoenix reported, citing the Tempe Police Department.

Maricopa police Cmdr. Stephen Judd said he was unsure of the suspects’ connection to Maricopa.

“We got word from Tempe PD that there was a crime that was committed at IKEA off I-10 and Elliot,” Judd said. “Apparently, there was some kind of robbery and there was a shooting involved.”

Police, including Gila River Police, followed the suspects to the home in Senita, where the arrest took place. Judd said the incident was not an active police pursuit, merely officers following the suspect’s vehicle.

He said the situation was tense for several moments following the stop, but the experience and training of the initial officer on the scene, Maricopa police Sgt. John Soanes, allowed him to control the situation until backup arrived.

“Because (the suspects) stopped on their own and the sergeant was the only one on the scene at that time, he had to improvise and basically do it himself,” Judd said. “He had to freeze the scene by displaying his weapon and giving commands, which, luckily, the suspects responded to. He was able to freeze it at that point and wait for additional officers to come and then be able get those people in cuffs.”

The second officer on the scene was Officer Andy Leach, at which time Judd said MPD took the suspects into custody without incident.

Judd said it is too early to know what charges might be filed but that Tempe Police was discussing robbery and assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder.

The suspects were taken to the Maricopa Police Department for further questioning in conjunction with Tempe police and the Department of Public Safety Task Force.

InMaricopa will provide further details as they become available.

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