Impact Windshield opens shop

Michael Chance Impact
Businessman Michael Chance celebrated his 32nd year in the automotive glass replacement industry by opening a new shop.

By Michelle Trujillo

Maricopa businessman and longtime resident Michael Chance celebrated his 32nd year in the automotive glass replacement industry by opening a new shop.

Impact Windshield’s facility in the Mesquite Building of the Santa Cruz Commerce Center includes a climate-controlled work area for installations — especially convenient during Arizona summers.

“It’s important that installers don’t have to sacrifice personal comfort and safety on the job,” Chance said.

According to Chance, the facility eventually plans to perform innovative services like the recalibrations of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), technologies which utilize the windshield as an operating platform, including lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. The technology typically relies on a camera mounted on the windshield.

“A windshield can be properly replaced, and still, its position relative to the original windshield may be pitched a few degrees off,” Chance said. “That might not seem like much at the camera level, but projecting an imaginary line forward 100 feet, at highway speed, and the system might dysfunction.”

That’s where recalibration becomes an integral part of the windshield replacement process. And the advent of ADAS has long-term market implications.

Chance said the industry expectation is that within a couple of years, every new vehicle will be equipped with the technology.

“My goal is to be prepared and up to speed to meet that reality. I don’t want to farm that procedure out to another facility, subjecting my client to that facility’s work calendar, which may delay proper functioning of vehicle safety enhancements,” Chance said.

There is a benefit for all parties by providing a one-stop shop for windshield replacement and restoring safe operation of ADAS systems prior to releasing the vehicle back to the customer, he said. “The service confers peace of mind to me and the customer.”

Impact Windshield also performs chip repairs.

“Our climate-controlled facility is ideal for performing these repairs in the heat of summer,” Chance said. “Climate control tips the scales in favor of a successful outcome.”

12501 N. Murphy Road, Suite A


This item appears in the May issue of InMaricopa magazine.