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Children’s Learning Adventure enables students to discover their true potential through STEAM based learning. They encourage their students to take an innovative approach to learning with a wide variety of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics activities. This supports students with the development of both their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As students engage in daily exposure to STEAM based learning, Children’s Learning Adventure supports and enhances every child’s opportunity for success and the ability to apply newly learned skills while developing in all academic areas.

Children’s Learning Adventure understands that children are born with a vast capacity for learning. The early developmental years are critical for expanding a child’s brain. Their curriculum incorporates the latest brain development research and implements simple, yet intricate lessons to maximize learning for each child. STEAM-based curriculum is incorporated into all programs to ensure each child is learning valuable skills.

Science is an integral component of STEAM based learning curriculum. Students are presented with specific instruction providing opportunities for rich vocabulary learning, collaboration with peers, and acquisition of scientific knowledge. Children’s Learning Adventure’s Laboratory Lagoon® sets the stage for investigation, discovery, and experimentation; enabling students to take an in-depth look in to scientific procedures.

Children are prepared to live in a technology-driven world by incorporating the use of technology into STEAM based curriculum. Children’s Learning Adventure has brought technology into their classrooms to give their school age-students the opportunity to sharpen their technology skills through tablet based assessments.

Engineering is simply designing, building, and using structures and machines. By infusing engineering activities into the STEAM based curriculum, Children’s Learning Adventure builds on a child’s natural problem-solving skills building the foundation for critical thinkers.

Children’s Learning Adventure believes students should be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The arts are incorporated into their STEAM based learning curriculum, through the implementation of art, music, and drama lessons in the daily activities. We know that exposure to the arts is fundamental for early childhood brain development, as it allows children to express emotions and feelings in a positive and healthy way.

Mathematics provides the foundational building blocks for academic success. Mathematics can be applied to essential life skills and is incorporated into several other subjects and every day interactions. At Children’s Learning Adventure, students develop a conceptual understanding of numbers, combinations, and operations. In addition to number knowledge, students learn shapes and their structure, reasoning, measurement, classification, and patterns.

Children’s Learning Adventure’s CEO Rick Sodja, has encouraged his centers to embrace Lifetime Adventures® STEAM based curriculum, based on the latest brain development research, providing children with the activities and environment to greatly impact their capacity for learning and later success.

Children’s Learning Adventure-Maricopa is holding an open house on Saturday, February 9th, 2019. Families can stop by any time between 10:00am-1:00pm. To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure or their STEAM based curriculum, please visit www.childrenslearningadventure.com.


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