Robin Scott's deflated penguin in the bed of her pickup truck after her rescue mission. [Robin Scott]

A Maricopa woman saw it, but would not have believed it even the Arctic, much less in Arizona: a flying penguin.  

And it was hers. 

Robin Scott of Rancho El Dorado noticed the weather had become pretty windy Tuesday, so she went outside to unplug her prized Christmas décor, a 10-foot inflatable penguin. 

As Scott was unplugging it, the flightless bird went airborne — just what she was hoping to prevent.  

“Are you freaking kidding me?” she said to herself, baffled, as the bird floated into the sky. 

Scott pulled out her phone and began recording the penguin in an upward spiral. Then, as soon as it began losing altitude, she stopped recording and took off – in her pickup truck — toward the area where the bird was descending, which ultimately was about two blocks away. 

Watch Robin Scott’s Video: Flightless bird, not so flightless after all

Another driver, who saw the bird on final approach into a yard, pointed it out to Scott.  

Axel, 5, and Charley, 9, next to the penguin before it’s attempted escape. [Robin Scott]
“She thought it was so funny” Scott said of the other driver. “He was all tangled up in a cactus, but I think it’s overall OK.” 

Scott said that the penguin was only 2 weeks old, and she knew her kids would be sad once they heard the news. But when she told the kiddos what happened, she said they were amused their giant penguin made himself famous by flying away. 

The penguin is now grounded in Scott’s garage. 

One question remains: Will the penguin ever see freedom again?