Jeff McClure
Jeff McClure is Pinal County supervisor in District 4.

By Jeff McClure

Nancy Smith and I did have a conversation about Propositions 416 and 417, and I did vote No on 417, but she neglects to share with you why.

Her husband and the other supervisors were all informed by the Goldwater Institute that there were issues with the legality of the wording on the ballot measure, specifically with regard to the “variable tax” definition, and that if it remained as proposed, they would sue the County. They chose to ignore the issue.

This was an important funding opportunity that needed to be passed properly, to improve the transportation corridors. So far, it has been stuck in the court system for nearly three years with legal costs of roughly $400,000 being paid by your tax dollars.

I would have asked that the proposition be pulled from the ballot, the language revised, and hold a special election within the year, to avoid the predicted delay on such an important issue, and added legal cost. If this had been done, I would absolutely have voted Yes, and if the measure was passed by the public, we would already be well under construction.

As it stands, the AZ Supreme Court will begin review in the spring of 2021 (more court costs), and if they agree with Goldwater, it is my understanding that all the taxes collected so far will not be able to be spent,  and must be returned to the taxpayers, in a yet to be determined manner.

As for party politics, I am surprised to hear Nancy Smith supports the idea that only someone who calls themself an Independent can truly represent all the people. Does she think her Republican husband did not do that as a supervisor?

The fact is; the right personality can indeed represent everyone. That is the entire premise I have been running on, and done with recognition during my eight years as an elected official on a school board. I have been out in the County gathering feedback from people for more than two years, so I am ready to represent people of all viewpoints, and regions in the County. I look forward to representing everyone as supervisor.

Jeff McClure is a candidate in the race for Pinal County supervisor for District 4.