Jeff McClure
Jeff McClure is Pinal County supervisor in District 4.

By Jeff McClure

District Four’s region is wide and diverse, stretching from one side of the County to the other, covering rural, urban, agricultural and Native areas. It is important that all residents vote, because your elected official’s job is to represent everyone, not just the candidate’s party, or a specific community. I am running to represent ALL of you who live in our District, and look forward to working with the other Board members to shape the future of our region and the strength of our ENTIRE County.

The success of our Oracle School Board, working together to create a new culture and vision that better prepared students for a high-tech, global future while maintaining rural values and lifestyles, has nothing to do with my political affiliation and everything to do with my ability to listen, work on teams, set goals, understand complicated budgets and cumbersome systems, connect resources, and develop strong working relationships as a leader.

Much has been made of the fact that I live on the eastern side of District 4 and that it would hinder me from being able to represent those on the western side. I know what it is like to have a supervisor live over 100 miles away and swing by only once or twice a year. I am not that type of representative.

I was there at the opening of the 347 overpass and the groundbreaking of the new County facility in Maricopa and the groundbreaking of the La Quinta Inn last year; have been talking with Mayor Price about the flood plain issues in and around Maricopa; discussing the exciting opportunities of the I-10 tech corridor with the Economic Development Director; talking about operations with the County Manager; checking in with the Attorney; and following the much anticipated start-up of the Lucid plant, and economic excitement around other business growth in Pinal.

I plan to be mobile and active throughout the County throughout my term, with an office and assistant in Maricopa, with other Board of Supervisor and County department staff in Florence, meeting regularly with eastern residents, and touching base with those who live in the rural and Native communities.

I look forward to being very accessible and serving you all, and humbly ask for your vote and support.

Jeff McClure is a candidate in the race for Pinal County supervisor for District 4.