Young poets, get the word out. It’s time to express, emote and spout.

The “K-8 Poetry Slam” is at Global Water on Nov. 13. As luck would have it, that’s Friday the 13th.

“We are pledging to bring the arts forward to Maricopa in a big, big, never-to-be-forgotten way.” – Judith Zaimont

Maricopa Arts Council is debuting the slam. For kids, it’s a lot more fun than an oral exam. Be a ham. Start a jam. Just don’t scam.

An entry must be an original, unpublished poem written within the last two years. It must be recited aloud in front of judges and peers.

Oct. 28 is the deadline for entrants. This time, costumes and scenery can be elements. That is a rare exception to Poetry Slam rules.

MAC is inviting district, charter, private and home schools.

MAC’s Judith Lang Zaimont tells young poets, “Come on down and show us your literary talent.”

Poetry slams call on the creative, brave and gallant. Just have fun with puns and wordy runs.

Poems have a 40-line, two-minute limit. Email to submit.

Send name, address, phone, grade, teacher’s name, school, title of poem and PDF of complete work. Art is the point, but a prize for first, second or third is a perk.

The slam is a sign of something non-bovine, non-dusty in the Maricopa air. Zaimont said this event is a preliminary for “Got Arts, Maricopa,” a major, future arts affair. The High School Poetry Slam is in the spring, and slams for adults and all ages are coming in 2017.

“Got Arts, Maricopa” will be a “spectacular, all-arts, three-season expo,” she said. There will be fine arts, performing arts and much more ahead.

“We are pledging to bring the arts forward to Maricopa,” Zaimont said, “in a big, big, never-to-be-forgotten way.”

So the K-8 Poetry Slam is not just child’s play. It is a rising slope of hope for art scope.

“We plan to set these arts events all around the city,” Zaimont said. “Not seated only in one location, we’re coming out to you.”

Part of that is getting local artists’ work on the library wall and City Hall, when new city policy comes through.

“And the way the art has been selected is a tribute both to Maricopa’s pool of talent and to the individual artists whose work is going to be represented,” Zaimont said.

Maricopa Arts Council invites everyone to contribute to the city’s art scene and prove a passion for creativity is widespread.

If You Go …
What: MAC K-8 Poetry Slam
When: Nov. 13, 7-8:45 p.m.
Where: Global Water Conference Room, 22590 N. Powers Parkway
Who: Students at MUSD, charter schools, private schools and home schools
How much: Entry and admission are free


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