Keep Maricopa Beautiful Map April 22
The City of Maricopa has several sites identified for cleanup during Saturday's Keep Maricopa Beautiful event.

Another Keep Maricopa Beautiful cleanup day will be held Saturday.

The event begins at 8 a.m., and those interested in participating can go to for information on sites identified by the city as needing clean-up. The website shows locations where trash has been observed and denotes if a heavy clean-up is necessary.

The event is important to making Maricopa a desirable place to live, according to Quinn Konold, digital communication manager for the city.

“Keeping Maricopa beautiful is a significant priority for the city,” Konold said. “From our streets and neighborhoods to our parks and storefronts, Maricopa takes pride in presenting an attractive image to our visitors as well as prospective residents and investors. We challenge current residents and business owners to maintain that pride and model the way for those that will follow.”

The city has been promoting the cleanup events quarterly, and Konold said typically around 25 people participate, including city staffers.

“We’re happy about the participation the program has received so far and are hoping it picks up even more steam with the community,” he said.

The city has been focusing cleaning efforts in the Heritage District and around the Union Pacific train tracks under the State Route 347 overpass. But residents may select an area near them and create their own project.

The city offers other tips on how citizens can get involved in keeping Maricopa beautiful year-round:

  • Clean up litter wherever you see it round Maricopa
  • Report dumping and littering
  • Tag the city on social media to highlight all your cleaning efforts at #keepmaricopabeautiful

Keep Maricopa Beautiful promotes anti-littering efforts through education, community events, resident engagement and – if necessary – enforcement. The program promotes a trash- and litter- free city and discourages littering and dumping in the community. As part of the initiative, the City of Maricopa is reaching out to area businesses to help advocate for the campaign and facilitate city-wide cleanup events. The city also is encouraging residents to report areas with an overabundance of litter and trash through its Citizen Request Portal at the Keep Maricopa Beautiful website.