Photo by Scott Bartle

A Kyrene school bus was towed from Maricopa Monday morning after a minor accident before school.

“The bus driver hit some shopping carts in front of a grocery store at a low rate of speed,” said Kyrene School District Transportation Director Eric Nethercutt.

The collision occurred as the driver of bus No. 28 pulled into the parking lot to wait for his route to begin later that morning. Nethercutt said no children were on-board.

“The bus was not badly damaged, just the front bumper was bent, and as a precaution, we decided to tow it back to the shop for repair,” Nethercutt said.

The Kyrene School District has 10 bus routes in Maricopa and transports children to five schools in the Valley.

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  1. This is exactly why schools run out of money and need overrides. I would really like to know the cost of towing this bus from Maricopa to Chandler with that super heavy duty tow truck. Precaution. Yeah, right.

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