Leading Edge Academy Maricopa places 10 students in poetry competition

Leading Edge Academy Maricopa place winners from the Leading Edge Academy Poetry Contest.

Nearly 30 students from Leading Edge Academy Maricopa qualified to represent their grade levels at this year’s Leading Edge Academy Network Poetry Contest against six other Leading Edge Academy schools.

The competition was held in Gilbert on November 23.

Leading Edge Maricopa had four first-place winners, two second-place winners, and four third-place winners, taking 10 out of 27 medals at the competition.

Principal Mat Reese lauded the participants’ accomplishments:
“Congratulations to all our parents, teachers, and students for all your hard work and dedication,” Reese said.

The students who participated included:

Kindergarten: Steven Boe; Judith Gonzalez; Leighton Hansen.
First grade: Reagan Klassen, first-place medal; Nicolas Quintero, second-place medal; Ana Cardenas, third-place medal.
Second Grade: Miley Montano; Kipton Brisbin; Kiah Brisbin.
Third grade: Rhilynn Bodewig, second place medal; Alannah Gonzalez; third place medal; Tiared Vasquez Rocha.
Fourth grade: Jesse Scofield; Karely Barajas; Caleb Feilis.
Fifth grade: Alma Zavala, third place medal; Max Nunez; Lexi Lanphaer, first place medal.
Sixth grade: Elyanna Gonzalez, first place medal; Christian Jenkins; Brandon Beadell.
Seventh grade: Kristy Nyguen; Deanna Gonzalez; Alize Oldhm.
Eighth grade: Caylee Fite; Chloe Onyango, third place medal; Zyere Randle, first place medal.

Leading Edge Academy Maricopa participants from the Leading Edge Academy poetry contest.