Lee Kondravy finished third in the CAA state meet for Leading Edge. Submitted photo

Leading Edge Academy Maricopa placed third at the recent Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) State Wrestling meet. Seven of 11 members of the Leading Edge team qualified for the state tournament Jan. 26.

Nia Lewis, a seventh grader in the 136-pound weight class, placed fourth after working her way through a competitive bracket and beating opponents she had lost to earlier in the season. Nia has always had the option to wrestle in the girls’ division at tournaments, but given the lack of competition, she opts to wrestle with the boys.

Lee Kondravy, a sixth grader, placed third in the 152-pound weight class, taking home the bronze medal. Lee is the brother of last year’s CAA state champion, Zach Kondravy, now wrestling for Maricopa High School.

Zeke Buboltz, a seventh grade at 98 pounds, fought a season-long knee injury and made it deep in to his bracket, wrestling with tenacity.

“The season started in late November, and the team practiced with Sequoia Pathway, which expanded our wrestler’s repertoire and gave them more diverse competition,” said Leading Edge head coach James Larson. “Pathway coach George Husick is tremendous and welcomed our team onto his mat with open arms. By the end of the season, it felt like we had one team rather than two. We attended numerous meets and tournaments throughout the season, celebrating our strengths and identifying our weaknesses with each match.

“Tournaments are grueling, all-day events starting weigh-in at 8 a.m. Athletes can wrestle anywhere from 2-6 matches depending on how they fare in their brackets. The time invested events, provide a great opportunity for the team to bond.”

Nia Lewis. Submitted photo
Zeke Buboltz. Submitted photo