Peg Chapados
Peg Chapados

By Peg Chapados

It is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse Andre LaFond for Maricopa City Council.

As a former Maricopa Vice Mayor and Councilmember, I have enjoyed the privilege and pleasure of working with many people who exemplify a genuine and altruistic passion for our community, businesses, and residents. Andre is one such person.

Andre is a businessman, veteran, active citizen, husband and (soon-to-be/new) father. As I have gotten to know him over the years, I have witnessed his professionalism and solid personal ethics. I have seen his ever-growing interest in all-things Maricopa and his willingness to do the research, not proceed on assumptions. No matter the subject, Andre wants the data and facts. He is also open to opinions and recommendations offered from myriad sources. He is self-motivated, eager to learn, and offers to help when, where and however he can. I believe Andre would make an excellent elected representative and leader.

Andre has taken time to meet with various leaders of local government, education, seniors, HOAs, public safety, and others. He regularly attends Council meetings (in-person or electronically since the COVID-19 restrictions) and appreciates the value and importance of “being there”. He enjoys talking with people, seeking their perceptions and expectations about quality of life in Maricopa. He listens to opinions, valuing knowledge and experiences shared.

Andre believes public safety is a top priority in keeping Maricopa a safe city that people choose to call home. He is eager to improve and expand Maricopa’s smart and innovative economic development, transportation challenges, and is ready to continue working with others to mitigate or solve our flood plain issues.

Andre is a graduate of the Maricopa Citizens Leadership Academy and continues to learn about our city. He understands our priorities, long-term goals, and has a keen awareness of our potential. He embraces Maricopa’s vision for today as well as her future. He is ready to work hard to be part of building and sustaining that future.

Andre LaFond will be a conscientious and dedicated Council Member. He understands the time commitment and personal sacrifices that go into serving as an elected official and is ready to make that commitment.

I humbly ask you to please vote for Andre LaFond for Maricopa City Council. Thank you.

Peg Chapados is former vice-mayor of Maricopa.