Leon Potter

By Leon Potter

I am writing to you  based on my concern regarding the Maricopaville Festival to be held Nov. 24.  I am a small-business owner myself. I absolutely like the general idea of the Maricopa’s support of local small businesses and I applaud past efforts.

While looking at the published press release by the City of Maricopa, I see there are activities for families including children like; petting zoo, bounces houses and children’s activities sponsored by local non-profits. Among the bullet points of “family fun” is a beer garden. I cannot support the City of Maricopa co-sponsoring an event on City property that promotes the use of alcohol on its premises, Pacana Park.

I urge the City of Maricopa to consider alcohol-free events, especially when it comes to families and children.

Leon Potter is the owner of Master Tax Advisors.


  1. It’s unclear what the concern is when it comes to alcohol and its legal sale and usage at this event. Why would it matter if it is a city-sponsored event, or not? Adults, as well as children, are the target audience. It seems Mr. Potter’s issue is arbitrary. Is Mr. Potter also against persons wearing paisley-patterned shorts at city-sponsored events if “family fun” is in the brochure? The city has my appreciation for offering alcohol at such events. Adults are people, too. It is great to involve children at any event, but not if one must police their parents as if they also are children.

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