By Merry Grace

Merry Grace

The election of our next constable is not one to be taken lightly.  This elected position is for a peace officer tasked with the execution of orders from the Justice Court. These orders can include, but are not limited to, evictions, protection, seizure of property, service of criminal and civil subpoenas and summonses, orders to collect judgments, and more.

As a mom, I am endorsing Mr. Andre LaFond as he brings with him a strong commitment to service and community while using his skills and experience to carry out those orders and tasks. Andre LaFond brings with him 14 years of private law enforcement, experience as an Army veteran, leadership experience as an Eagle Scout and various community outreach training, service and collaborative ethics to put service before self.  Mr. LaFond hopes to further his impact as constable by offering resources and support to people such as evictees or domestic violence victims and expand support programs. He holds this position in the highest regard and will work hard to ensure the safety of our citizens while collaborating with law enforcement.

Most important to me is his desire and commitment to work with the City of Maricopa Police Department to bridge the gap and build a partnership. I have seen Mr. LaFond at school safety meetings, community meetings and various events. Not only does he engage in the discussions and works to become a part of the solutions but he goes the extra step to provide information and resources by way of posting recaps on social media especially when it comes to safety.  We need continued support from our elected officials to lead by example while increasing community engagement and involvement.

I see Mr. LaFond holding this position with the utmost respect while working hard to develop community support and increase partnerships to better our community.  Creating and developing a partnership with local and county law enforcement while bridging the gap with city organizations, schools, citizens and leaders will only lead to a thriving community all while serving and protecting our citizens.

Join me in electing Andre LaFond as our next constable.

Merry Grace is a resident of Maricopa.


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