By Julia Gusse

Julia Gusse (submitted photo)

What’s in an endorsement?

When I first ran for City Council in 2010, I was up against two incumbents and five newcomers. I (along with two other candidates) received the endorsement from COMPA (City of Maricopa Police Association) and I truly credit them for my win. Without their endorsement and their boots on the ground going door-to-door distributing information, I don’t think I would have won.

I had unseated an incumbent, and two years later in 2012 a newcomer by the name of Christian Price ran against an incumbent councilmember for the vacated mayor seat. I was the only seated councilmember to endorse him and go door-to-door campaigning to “Elect Mayor Price.” The mayor was sworn in along with two newcomers, Leon Potter and Bridger Kimball. I had appointed all of these newly elected to a committee prior to them being elected (Potter to Parks, Recreation and Libraries, Kimball to Planning & Zoning and Price to Board of Adjustments).

That same year, Peggy Chapados was appointed (I was the vote that broke the 3-3 tie) to a vacated seat. Four newcomers (the majority) with fresh ideas helped us launch a new City Hall and Copper Sky. I chose to run for a different elected position in 2014, lost that election and had been out of office until 2016 when I ran once again for City Council.

In 2016 I was advised by my campaign manager to seek the endorsement of Mayor Price and against my intuition, I did seek that endorsement and was declined. I went on to win that election with no endorsements and I also did not accept any campaign contributions/funds. I didn’t want to be indebted to anyone and I won big with Maricopa’s endorsement – the most votes (6,826) of any elected councilmember in Maricopa’s history; more than Mayor Price, who ran unopposed, and over 2,000 votes more than the incumbent councilmember.

I am a bit shocked and surprised by the Mayor’s endorsements, but in my case, his endorsement (or lack thereof) did not make any difference.

I believe that in order to move the city forward we must elect newcomers with fresh ideas; there are five new comers in the City Council race. I ask those 6,826 voters that they consider casting their vote to elect Linette Caroselli. Not only because she has my endorsement but because she is an untainted newcomer that will lead our city in a transparent straight-forward manner. Please do your research, don’t be misled and vote for those that will have YOUR best interest in mind.

Julia Gusse is a member of the Maricopa City Council.



  1. Very interesting piece Julia.

    Entertaining reading about your history on the council, election results, who you believe did you good or ill, what you think you have done for others, and the town.

    Sadly there is no explanation of the reasons that I should vote for Linette Caroselli. Not a policy you agree with, a personal quality you admire, a project you would like to see her put forward and bring to fruition, nothing about her views on local issues, nor local controversies.

    You have merely produced a narcissistic and self absorbed fluff piece to promote yourself, and gain a little bit of an edge over Linette Caroselli should she win. I wonder if you have even met her, or have any idea what her policy positions are?

    I’m sure that Linette Caroselli is a wonderful person, and a great candidate, sadly however you have lowered both her’s and your credibility with this piece.

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