Letter: Enough gun firing, vehicles on dirt roads south of the city



As longtime residents of the area south of Maricopa, our family would like to say that we oppose any development in our mountains to the west.

There is too much noise and dust out here already. We moved out here for the quiet and it is fast leaving. We feel bad for our wildlife out here and do not want them bothered. There is already illegal shooting out here using targets, such as cactus.

Quiet is hard to find and we believe there should be a moratorium on weapon firing and motorized vehicles on the dirt roads and trails. It is not safe out here.

Thank you,

Jan and Julianne Bergstrom


  1. The Bureau of Land Management (Not to be confused with BLM) has created a very nice shooting range. If they would open it, that would make a safe space for shooting enthusiasts to use. It might help to reach out to them and ask them to open it. Just my thought.