Merry Grace

By Merry Grace

There seems to be a lot of wrong information being tossed around on the upcoming bond election for Maricopa Unified School District. We need to remember that this bond will be used for more than just a new high school, with funds also designated to be used district-wide to repair roofing, HVAC and to increase security and transportation.

The new high school is crucial and long overdue. This is more than just adding extra class space. A new high school means better student/teacher ratios, better counseling opportunities with a smaller student population, more gym space for events and athletics, minimizes the need to leave town to seek a large venue for an overcrowded Prom, decreases the consideration to limit guests at an overcrowded graduation, increases extra curricular opportunities, increases safety, increases cafeteria space for a reasonable size lunch period, increases better parking space and so much more.

There is a town hall coming up on Oct. 22 at 6:30 p.m in the Maricopa Unified School District office. This is the chance for everyone to come out to engage in a discussion while getting the facts. I hope to see this room packed.

This district serves the majority of the student population in our community including Ak Chin, homeless, ELL, Special Education, Gifted Education, etc. The award winning programs and success stories all lead to amazing accomplishments every year with each graduating class surpassing the previous class.  We cannot keep building new homes and expect to keep wrongfully packing in students to a small space, limiting the quality of their education, limiting opportunities and putting safety at risk with an over-capacity school.

Our household will be voting Yes, not as parents as we will no longer have a student in school after 2022. We are voting as concerned community members who understand the value of having thriving schools in a community. You cannot grow your community and not grow your schools.

I hope to see everyone at the town hall on Oct. 22. Let’s unite and get the facts. Our future students deserve the best. Maricopa it is time to elevate our community.

Merry Grace is a Maricopa resident.


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