By Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith (submitted photo)

The constable for the Justice Court Precinct #4 is an important position for our voters to spend time researching.  In my research I believe Glenn Morrison is the best candidate for the job.

It is important for the elected constable to have qualities of trust, relationship and team building skills, and it’s a plus if the candidate has experience in public law enforcement. Glenn Morrison has all these skills. More importantly, the constable must have skilled experience in conflict resolution and de-escalation. This job can be very challenging, and having these skills and experience will benefit our residents.

Glenn Morrison has 7+ years of experience in dealing with the public in stressful and potential life-altering situations. He has served in the Pinal County Sheriff’s Patrol Posse and he is trained by the Arizona Constables Association. He is trained and ready to serve.

I encourage you to strongly consider supporting Glenn Morrison as Constable for the Justice Court Precinct #4.  I do.

Nancy Smith is a member of the City of Maricopa Council.

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