Letter: Kimball a big supporter of small business owners

Randi Kremer

By Randi Kremer

Having a very innate ability to run a small business, compiled with the “drive” to have my own store, brought me to the crossroad of my life that I wouldn’t soon forget.

When I purchased my business from the previous owner there was a lot to be accomplished to make the store “mine.” I needed to hear customer feedback in regards to what they wanted me to stock for sale. I also needed to evaluate the last few years’ sales. I most certainly needed to evaluate whether or not my new business venture would be successful, and I’m pretty sure that is what every new business owner does.

Well, I was fortunate enough to know Councilmember Bridger Kimball and I enlisted his help with the opening.

Not only did Bridger assist me with the permitting and licensing, he also assisted me with merchandising my entire store. He also helped me with my first pro-forma and helped me to project sales for the coming months . Councilmember Kimball also helped me navigate the tax code, the licensing process, as well as got me in touch with the City’s economic development department to help further my business growth. The City of Maricopa has been great in furthering my business’ future but Councilman Kimball has been an asset to me and others.

I ask for your support in making sure Bridger Kimball is re-elected to the city council so he can continue to help small business owners just like me. We, too, are important!

Randi Kremer is the owner of Copa’s Critters and Supplies.