By Robert Taylor

I am a Maricopa resident since 2009 and a law enforcement professional since 2006 with multiple commendations, including a medal of valor and three lifesaving medals. I am writing this as my personal endorsement for Glenn Morrison for the office of Constable.

As a member of the Sheriff’s Office Posse, Glenn has been my personal backup on many serious and stressful situations where without his interpersonal and de-escalation abilities, the incident would surely have escalated and become much more dangerous. I would not hesitate to enter into any dangerous situation with Glenn as my partner.

Posse members are often the only back up to patrol Deputies and are utilized and viewed as sworn personnel. When Posse members arrive on a scene to assist Deputies, the general public usually cannot tell the difference between Posse and a sworn Deputy. The public is not concerned with a shoulder patch, they simply want and need the help the Posse Member is there to provide in that moment of crisis. Posse members are expected to uphold the same level of integrity, training and abilities as a sworn deputy.

For individuals that want to contradict this, I strongly encourage them to conduct their own research and participate in a ride along with the program. Posse members put themselves at the same risk of injury and death as any other member of law enforcement and do so without compensation.

Over several years working with Glenn in the field, he has earned my respect, trust and confidence. He is a man whose word you can trust and is a dedicated public servant who serves not because it is his job, but because it is his calling and passion. After having researched both of the other candidates, I can without doubt say that Glenn Morrison is the very best candidate for Constable in Maricopa.

Robert Taylor is a resident of Maricopa.


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