By Vincent Manfredi

Vincent Manfredi

When you go to vote this coming election, I think the choice for constable in Maricopa and Stanfield is clear.

Glenn Morrison is my choice and I ask you to also support him. Glenn puts his life on the line to protect you and I every time he puts on his Pinal County Sheriff Office Posse uniform. He has volunteered thousands of hours in the last 7 years patrolling communities in Pinal County ensuring the safety of the residents. Glenn does not get paid to be a Posse member but does it as a service to his community. What could be a better example of community service?

Glenn has been part of the community for years well before he decided to run for office. It is hard to think of someone more suited to hold the office of Constable. Glenn is endorsed by Pinal County Supervisor and former Maricopa Mayor Anthony Smith, Current Maricopa Mayor Christian Price, Current Vice Mayor Peg Chapados, Council Member Nancy Smith, Current Constable Bret Roberts, State Sen. Steve Smith, State Representatives Mark Finchem and Vince Leach, Pinal County Deputy Association, Firefighters Local and others. With that much support it’s a good bet he is known to be involved and active, in Maricopa and beyond.

So, whether you vote on election day or early ballot, vote Morrison for Constable.

Vincent Manfredi is a Maricopa Council Member.


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